Inspired Living

You intuitively know there's more to life than you are experiencing.

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Experience of Divine Love

Helps us learn to Live & Love Deeply

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God's Perfect Love Transforms us freeing us to live more authentically.

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Love Inspired Spiritual Care for Individuals & Communities

The Christian faith, at its very best, is all about love and this authentic love changes everything!  Divine love heals us from fear, shame, rejection and anxiety, and brings wholeness in amazing ways. It results in a deeper sense of peace.  It adds meaning and richness for deeper relationships in all areas of life.  People who are learning that they are loved and in turn are learning to love others well make for a dynamically rich community!

Spiritual Guidance

Our Clients:

  • Describe themselves as Agnostic, Spiritual but not Religious as well as Catholic and Protestant Christians.
  • Are on a spiritual journey, and intuitively know there is so much more to life than what they are currently experiencing.
  • Desire to cultivate a deep prayer life.
  • Those who are burnt-out on Church or have been Spiritually abused.
  • Those looking to find or rediscover their life's passion.
  • Those looking to develop effective, empowering Leadership.
  • Ministry Leaders seeking soul care and healing.

Inspired Living

Success with Significance

Learn to awaken to the sacred in your life. Create and discover meaning to understand and respond to Spirit's invitations.

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