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Becoming Love Podcast with Michael Rose


Musing or Rambling

Inspired by a short poem lyric by Godfrey Birtill, Michael explores the double-edged experience he had with this poem.

When I look at the blood
All I see is love, love, love.
When I stop at the cross
I can see the love of God

But I can't see competition
I can't see hierachy
I can't see pride or prejudice
or the abuse of authority
I can't see lust for power
I can't see manipulation
I can't see rage or anger
or selfish ambition

But I can't see unforgiveness
I can't see stupid fighting
or bitterness,or jealousy.
I can't see empire building
I can't see self importance
I can't see back stabbing
Or vanity or arrogance.

I see surrender, sacrifice, salvation,
humility, righteousness, faithfulness, grace, forgiveness
Love Love Love........
When I Stop! the cross
I can see the love of God.

Musing & Ramblings from Michael Rose on Vimeo.

The Edge - Video

Inspired by a short poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, Micheal encourages us to respond to the invitation of God and take a step closer to the edge and closer to the fire of divine love.

Closer to the Edge from Michael Rose on Vimeo.


Loved into Love - Video

In this video Michael explores the theme of the transforming power of love to bring about authentic change and vibrant spiritual health.  Michael launches from this article.

Loved into Love from Michael Rose on Vimeo.



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