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You intuitively know there's more to life than you are experiencing.

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Connecting withthe God-who-loves helps us love ourselves & others well!

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God's Perfect Love Transforms us freeing us to live more authentically.

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Love Inspired Spiritual Care for Individuals & Communities

Helping folks just like you discover and live into the abiding, loving presence of God in all of life – towards a greater wholeness and a deeper sense of connectedness to life. Coming alongside as you learn to recognize the sacred within all of life and to respond to the invitations of Spirit to co-create a life chock-full of meaning and significance.

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What’s your Puddle of Piss?

A fly sat on a straw on a puddle of donkey piss full of pride it lifted up its head: ”I am the captain of this ship master of this ocean!” - Rumi Translated and emitted by Omid Saf...

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The Least of These

Once upon a time there were two brothers and they lived with their aging mother.  Every night one brother would devote himself to care for his mother, serving her with patience and...

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