A refreshing take on Christian spirituality and living into the abiding, loving presence of the God-who-is-love. Supporting you as you untangle from out-grown beliefs and into a deeper experience of the sacred rooted in faithful love.

Love Inspired Spiritual Care

 for the outsiders & outcasts, doubters & disillusioned, the heartsick & heretics.
For those who grieve & the brokenhearted.
For those who know there has to be more.

"All I do each day is sit on the riverbank handing out river water.

If I do this well, in time you will notice the river."


Spiritual Direction - Soul Care


Spiritual Direction

A person's spirituality and relationship with God are uniquely intimate. Sometimes it can have its share of uncertainties, practical concerns, and nagging doubts. This doesn't make you unfaithful, just a human being living faith in real life. We all experience difficult seasons in our spiritual life, or we desire to go a little deeper or have some specific questions, ponderings, or issues we feel called to explore.

A Spiritual Director accompanies you as you discern where you are at, listen for invitations of the Spirit and respond to those invitations. A Spiritual Director is an experienced resource and companion who can provide reflective insight and help you identify practical steps forward (deeper) as you continue into the things of God holistically as a part of everyday real life.

Grief & Loss: Healing your Heart

Michael meets you where you’re at with a heart-centred and action-based approach that will help you take the steps to heal your heart. Michael can support you from a trained, experienced, and if you wish, a spacious spiritual perspective as you address the losses you have experienced from a death, divorce, changes in health, or any of the many different kinds of losses that can result in feelings of grief.

Guys Grieve too.

There is a stubborn myth in our culture that men don’t grieve and that men aren’t allowed to express emotions of sadness, tenderness, and heartbreak. Grief is cumulative. If we don’t deal with it, we will find it seeping into other areas of our lives, often in messy ways.
Did you know there are over 40 different kinds of loss that we can experience?

"Love is more original than sin."


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