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You intuitively know there's more to life than you are experiencing.

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Connecting withthe God-who-loves helps us love ourselves & others well!

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God's Perfect Love Transforms us freeing us to live more authentically.

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Love Inspired Spiritual Care for Individuals & Communities

Helping folks just like you discover and live into the abiding, loving presence of God in all of life – towards a greater wholeness and a deeper sense of connectedness to life. Coming alongside as you learn to recognize the sacred within all of life and to respond to the invitations of Spirit to co-create a life chock-full of meaning and significance.

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Spiritual Guidance

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Obedience versus Surrender

There seems to be a principle at work through much of our spiritual life.  The idea that we will often get the lessor with the greater, but we will never get the greater with the l...

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Deeper for the sake of Good

The Big Idea: Our best, most authentic work needs to be rooted in something bigger than us and our good work. A deep guiding force that keeps us from being consumed by our good wor...

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