Love Inspired Spiritual Care for

the outsiders & outcasts, doubters & disillusioned, the heartsick & heretics.


For those who grieve & the Brokenhearted.


For those who know there has to be more.

A refreshing take on Christian spirituality and living into the abiding, loving presence of the God-who-loves. Supporting you as you untangle from out-grown religious beliefs and experience, and cultivate a deeper experience of the sacred within all of life, responding to the invitations of Spirit to co-create a life chock-full of meaning, joy, and peace.


Spiritual direction

Spiritual Companionship - Spiritual Care

Care for the broken hearted

Grief Companionship - Healing Your Heart

A person's spirituality and relationship with God are uniquely intimate.  Sometimes it can have its share of uncertainties, practical concerns, and nagging doubts.  This doesn't make you unfaithful, just a human being living faith in real life.

A Spiritual Director accompanies you as you discern where you are at, to listen for invitations of the Spirit and respond to those invitations.  A Spiritual director is an experienced resource and companion, who can provide reflective insight and help you identify practical steps forward (deeper) as you continue on into the things of God in a holistic way as a part of everyday real life. 

Have you experienced a death, divorce, job loss, a health crisis or a romantic break up?  Regardless, the pain from experiencing a significant loss can be life-altering. Experts tell us that grief from loss is cumulative.  It keeps building with each significant loss.

Have you ever heard the expression "Friendly Fire?"  Sometimes well-meaning people, often those closest to us, say things that are unhelpful and hurtful in an attempt to be supportive. I bet you've heard  “you have to just let go” and “move on,” but these well-meaning people have no idea of exactly how you are supposed to do so.

The good news is that there is a way through.  There is a way that you can journey through the pain of loss.   It’s never too soon or too late to begin your journey of healing your heart.

"Love is more original than sin."


About Michael

A thoughtful mystic, an accidental activist, and soul friend to many, Michael helps people connect to life in more profound ways,  by assisting them towards greater wholeness and deeper living; to discover purpose, create meaning, and recognize and respond to the sacred in all of life. 
With 30 years of experience providing spiritual care and support to countless individuals and groups, Michael is passionate about helping folks connect with the God-who-loves in healthy, thoughtful and life-giving ways; helping them to experience this love in personally transforming ways.  

"All I do each day is sit on the riverbank handing out river water.

If I do this well, in time you will notice the river."

Becoming Love

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