Care for Pastors and Leaders

A Church to die for?

The endless demands of church growth, budgets and growing healthy vibrant communities of faith place a lot of pressure on leaders and their families. But who provides care for pastors and their family?  Be equipped and resourced to facilitate healthy leadership, proven strategies for balancing family and ministry demands, conflict resolution plus preventative tools to avoid burnout.

Michael provides coaching and soul care for pastors specifically tailored to unique needs of ministry leaders, pastors, and clergy.  With over 20 years of ministry experience in a variety of ministry settings, Michael’s experience, compassion, integrity, and insight makes him a welcome companion for Church leaders and their spouses. 

How we can help:

  • Confidential Listener - we are great listeners, who know what it's like to pastor and lead.  We also know how to keep our mouths shut!
  • We really do understand - with a couple of decades of real church experience, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly that church communities can sometimes be.  We can empathize in a genuine way.
  • Advocate and Mediate - sometimes you need someone who will help you communicate your needs and perceptions in a given situation.  It also sometimes good to have a third party mediate disagreements.
  • We don't Judge - we have experienced first hand that the love and grace of God restores and heals.
  • Grief Recovery - helping you process your emotional pain and help you bring completion to your relationships to loss.
  • A Faithful Friend - when you feel all alone, isolated and not sure where to turn, we are standing beside you.
  • Healthy Families - we support and encourage healthy family for leaders, spouses, and children.  We understand the role of healthy, happy, balanced families in great leadership!

There is hope. You are not alone.

Nothing can separate you from the love of God

Michael provides you with experienced, thoughtful spiritual care for you and your family. Biblically rooted, utilizing many of the best ancient and modern insights to help you connect with God afresh for healing, gain a new perspective of where you are in your journey, and seek God for strategic ways forward!

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