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Where the rubber meets the road! Practical faith in everyday life. Learn to live your faith with peace, joy and authenticity in practical ways. Discover what gives you life, your strengths and how can you learn to leverage those strengths for living life well!

When a Sparrow Falls – An Allegory of Failure & Hope

Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. Mt 10:29 Once upon a time a Momma bird hatched new baby sparrows. One sparrow was bigger and stronger than the other sparrows of the nest. With time, he grew faster, grew grander than his nest…
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Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead?

[This piece is dated for sure but the ideas within it are still valid.  As we wrestle with Jesus' words to love our enemies and His Gospel of non-violence, we need to sit in the midst of seeming caldron of conflicting emotions and twisted ideas of justice and allow Holy Spirit to speak to us.]…
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Faith of the Everyday

  Once upon a time, there were two carpenters; framers to be precise. Each day they would arrive at the building site to pound nails, erect walls. The first, a glum man, was asked what he was doing. “I hammer nails,” he replied, looking sour. “Every day, hammer nails and more nails. Day in, day…
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Compassion: Genius in the Art of Living

The term "compassion" often evokes visions of pity or an infomercial showing impoverished children around the world.  It seems the fullness of compassion in real, everyday life is often overshadowed by the noise of cultural greed and violence.  Recent world events like the Japanese earthquake / tsunami and the resulting outpouring of support and prayers…
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Personal Experience Matters in the Long Run

A modern parable: Filbert was a dog who lived in a small prairie town.   He was a good and happy dog who had a good family that treated him very well.  One day he was rolling in the grass when out of the corner of his eye he saw the biggest rabbit he had ever…
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What Forgiveness can mean to You

Forgiveness is more than just forgiving because we think "it is the right thing to do" but because in choosing to forgive those who have hurt us we are taking a step toward peace with ourselves and thus towards a deep profound sense of freedom. Forgiveness doesn't mean we simply 'forget' what happened or that…
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