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Improve your professional relationships with employees, colleagues and customers with structures which foster healthy boundaries, profitably and performance, buy-in and loyalty. Learn how to shift your focus to relational authority and become emotionally intelligent. Experience life broadly, grow personally, spiritually and professionally. Acquire resources for your own personality and strength which will help deepen your faith and overall success in life.

Faith or Certainty

Two Fools on the Road to Emmaus Podcast (Archive) -  Is God angry when we have doubts?  Can doubt be a part of healthy faith?  Today the guys talk about our definitions of faith, and how many of them limit our growth in Christ. Two Fools on the Road to Emmaus is a radio podcast…
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Cultivating Healthy Business Relationships

Andrea owns and operates an online retail store.  A significant part of her value proposition, that which brings value to her customers and distinguishes her from other online retailers, is a commitment to relational retailing. The challenge many critics of e-commerce have is the impersonal aspect; cold and mechanical but Andrea through careful planning has…
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Life from Conflict

We co-hosted a weekend gathering in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.   It was an opportunity for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives to share the journey of faith they are experiencing; the good, the bad and the ugly.  For my wife and I this was an exceptional weekend, we enjoyed ourselves…
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