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A Deep Dream

I’ve spent many years learning how to fix life, only to discover at the end of the day that life is not broken There is a hidden seed of greater wholeness in everyone and everything. We serve life best when we water it and befriend it. When we listen before we act. In befriending life,…
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The 4 Minute Soul Spa

Feeling STRESSED?  We live in a highly pressurized world.  Finances, work, health, parenting, relationships, and trying to juggle a multiplicity different things that are all screaming for our attention.  Add to this how we are bombarded by many constant more subtle stresses reported in the media; wars, economic crunches, accidents, natural disasters war and so much more.…
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Cracks – A Spiritual Exercise

The following is a short spiritual exercise that will help you engage a little deeper with God. Take a couple of deep breaths and in prayer, invite Jesus into this time. Begin reading the poem below entitled "Cracks" by David Bookless.  This first reading is to help you get a sense of the entire piece. Now, read…
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The Welcoming Prayer

Have you ever felt like you are being ambushed by stress, fear, worry, and anxiety?  Sometimes the unpleasant feelings can be so overwhelming, making it very difficult to get a proper perspective, focus on the tasks at hand and make good decisions.  Here is a useful tool for dealing with these feelings. The Welcoming Prayer…
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