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Compassion: Genius in the Art of Living

The term "compassion" often evokes visions of pity or an infomercial showing impoverished children around the world.  It seems the fullness of compassion in real, everyday life is often overshadowed by the noise of cultural greed and violence.  Recent world events like the Japanese earthquake / tsunami and the resulting outpouring of support and prayers…
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What Forgiveness can mean to You

Forgiveness is more than just forgiving because we think "it is the right thing to do" but because in choosing to forgive those who have hurt us we are taking a step toward peace with ourselves and thus towards a deep profound sense of freedom. Forgiveness doesn't mean we simply 'forget' what happened or that…
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Thoughts from the Butterfly Circus

“A perversion of nature. Cursed from birth.  A man, if you could even call him that,  whom God Himself has turned His back upon.” Mendez sneers sarcastically. “How can you say such horrible things? said Will. “Because you believe it!  But if you could only see the beauty that can come from the ashes.” encourages…
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