Spiritual Direction

Spiritual GuidanceWhy Spiritual Direction?

A person's spirituality and relationship with God are uniquely intimate. Often it has its share of uncertainties, practical concerns, and nagging doubts. This doesn't make you unfaithful, just a human being living faith in real life.

I have walked alongside individuals and small groups for a long time now, supporting folks as they ask big questions, wrestle, and wonder about God, faith, church, what life is all about and their place in it all.

I accompany folks through the mundane that life can often be, as well as their joys and their deep sorrows. I have served those who are dying and their broken-hearted loved ones.

I support those walking through the desert of disorder (deconstruction) when their hunches, inklings and intuitions nudge them out of the comfortable pew. Supporting folks as they untangle from out-grown religious beliefs and painful experiences.

I have a Master's (Spiritual Formation) from St. Stephen's University (New Brunswick, Canada). I am a Certified Grief Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute and experienced in spiritual care in a health care setting. I also draw deeply on my own experiences of life, with the ebbs and flows, with my own experiences of joy, a deep sense of love and belonging, wonder, and hope. My experiences also include tragic loss, colossal failures, disillusionment, and feelings of estrangement. I have personally walked the desert of desolations and deconstruction on the way to re-order (reconstruction) as well as healing and growth along the journey towards greater wholeness.

I believe that life-giving spirituality makes us more human, not less. It is my heartfelt conviction that God's very essence is Love. God can't help but love. The God-who-is-love is therefore deeply relational and Uncontrolling. The future is open and not predetermined, which allows us to partner with God towards a love-inspired life rich in meaning and full of hope.

Whether you find yourself in the middle of deconstruction or reconstruction, inside or outside a religious institution or not sure where you are, my spacious approach to spirituality is thoughtful, intuitive, and most especially love-centred and might be your next step.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is the practice of supporting a person or group to discover God in all of life, and to respond to that discovery in a growing relationship of love, peace with a deepening sense of meaning.

A Spiritual Director accompanies you as you discern where you are at, to listen for invitations of the Spirit and choose how best to respond to those invitations.  A Spiritual director is an experienced resource and companion, who can provide reflective insight and help you identify practical steps forward (deeper) as you continue on into the things of God in a holistic way as a part of everyday real life. 

Ideal for:

  • Those who are on a spiritual journey, who intuitively know there is so much more to life than what they are currently experiencing.
  • Those who desire a deeper experience of life, prayer, sense of purpose, and those who seek to discern and respond to the invitations of the Spirit.
  • Those who are in transition and discerning the next steps for their life.
  • Those who have their share of doubts, questions and don't have a safe place to explore them.
  • Those who are in the middle of deconstruction.
  • Those who are burnt-out on Church or have been spiritually abused.
  • Those who are learning new rhythms and ways of being spiritual / faithful in the world.
  • Those who identify as Spiritually IndependentSpiritual but not Religious, and Progressive.
  • Those who have experienced loss - a loved one who has died, a significant romantic relationship, career change, change in health, change in church/faith, and other significant relationships.