A Social Media Spiritual Exercise

Good Sunday morning.

My friend Loren Rosser from Arlington, Texas shares this practical spiritual exercise ideally for the social media environment.

A spiritual exercise or practice is basically practicing a particular heart attitude or perspective that helps us grow spiritually.

Led and empowered by the Holy Spirit these kinds of practices can be used to open our hearts to God and to cultivate love towards our neighbour, the stranger, and our enemy in deeper and more concrete ways.

Check it out:

“Okay, enough sermons. Time to move on to discipleship 201. Here's a discipleship exercise for all my Christian friends here on FB.

Instead of posting something bashing people with whom you disagree, go find someone who thinks differently than you, someone who really pushes your buttons.

Now show them some real love. Like, say something encouraging to them. Find something good about the person to highlight. Or bless them in some way. Pray for something they're doing to succeed. Pray about something they're concerned about. Genuinely pray good things for that person.

If it makes you uncomfortable and you're fighting the urge to bash them then you're doing it right. Then keep praying for that person over the coming days until you actually find yourself wanting them to be well and have a good life.

It may take months for you to get there…but get there!

“SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE” DOES NOT COUNT ON THIS EXERCISE (that's such an abused statement used to just hate on people.)

It must be something YOU would find uplifting if someone said or did for you.

This exercise is your first step in being a disciple of Christ by adhering to his teaching to love your enemies. You may find you don't have the strength to do this. That's good - that's when the transformation of your heart can occur.

Ask your heavenly Father to transform your heart towards that person and eke out whatever prayers for that person you can until the blockage of your hatred is removed. “

Thanks for sharing, Loren. Much grace for all of us who choose to practice this. Lord, make me an agent of your peace - even on social media!

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