Loved Inspired Communities

 Becoming Love for Faith Communities assists Church communities to dare to dream BIG dreams. To help you re-imagine your Church community, inspire new vision, and identify organic mission opportunities. Strategizing to begin to build capacity, we work with you to revitalize and co-create an engaging healthy Church community and increasing participation and healthy, life-giving spiritual formation.  Led by the Spirit, we help you discern the leadings of the Spirit as you step outside the box and co-create fresh life-giving and sustainable vision that will genuinely excite and inspire your community.

Laughing people

Mountain top worship and a slick youth program are all great, and these may be effective tools to get new people in the doors. However, to keep them and engage them deeply is a different story.  What people are longing for is a genuine encounter with the Good News and an authentic community of people.  St. Paul describes these communities as diverse - as neither Jew nor Greek, free nor slave, male nor female but one in Christ.   In a society that is fractured along a multitude of lines, it is a genuine sign and wonder when a community of people choose to share life together regardless of the things that typically separate us.

Authentic transformation occurs when the heart experiences authentic love.  The writer of 1 John 4:19 says it so well; the truth is we love because God has loved us first.  As such, we can love to the degree that we have personally experienced being loved.  Divine love enlarges our hearts and allows us a greater capacity to live more deeply.  Through the lens of perfect love -Jesus - we will help you explore what this means for you and your church community.  Through these fresh eyes, we discern together the gifts and strengths in your community and help you leverage those strengths to serve the values and mission of your community.

How good and pleasant

it is when God’s people

live together in love! 

-Psalm 133

Our paradigm altering approach can breath new life into your Church.   Life-giving churches are really seldom about big budgets or lots of programs rather the quality of community life Sunday and beyond.

Churches that are truly life-giving are transformational communities where people are free to belong and become.  In communities of love, there is genuine freedom and healing.  This can't be faked! Genuine love for one another takes a commitment to contend for it, along with thoughtful, genuine spiritual formation and discipleship.

We explore these key areas through the lens of Divine Love:

Spiritual Formation - Spiritual formation is the continuing response to the reality of God’s love shaping us into the likeness of Jesus Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit. This is a lifelong journey of deepening love; a gradual and progressive movement toward spiritual maturity, partakers of the divine nature - this looks a lot like learning to love well.

Discipleship - Discipleship and spiritual formation are not synonymous. Discipleship is the means of spiritual formation.  Rooted solidly in the love paradigm, discipleship takes on a profoundly relational context.  Much more than teaching people “to do Church our way” it is the process of helping people discover and respond to their unique call and gifting.  

Leadership - Leadership is a function of relationship, not office.   Love -led leadership is “from among” and not over. Those who serve with leadership in no way have a higher calling or position than others called to minister in the community at large and understand their role is to support and encourage people.  To be a leader is to serve others. Love-led leadership doesn’t manipulate with hype, shame, guilt or load us down with religious obligation.

Community - Can you imagine a Community where genuine love in action is the privilege and responsibility of everyone? Imagine people being inspired and equipped to live lives as faithful, forgiving friends, where hierarchy and strong-armed leadership gives way to genuine co-creating.  Genuine community that isn't just known for a slick service or rockin' programs rather, the unique quality of being community together.  A diverse group of people who genuinely love each other are a sign and a wonder to a deeply fractured culture.

Mission - Free to discover the Good News afresh, we equip your community to live and share their faith naturally, organically in the places that they live their lives. Say goodbye to complicated, high-pressure, sales-pitch evangelism with it's crushing obligation! People who are in love share what they love and this means evangelism that naturally and sincerely flows from and through established relationships; discerning and entering into what God is already doing!