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The Christian faith, at its very best, is all about love and this authentic love changes everything! Divine love heals us from fear, shame, rejection and anxiety, and brings wholeness in amazing ways. It results in a deeper sense of peace.  It adds meaning and richness for deeper relationships in all areas of life including faith, family, vocation/business and with yourself.

IamSignificant.ca helps individuals and communities explore, facilitate and encourage a life lived fully engaged.   Our services are tailored to your unique needs and meet you where you are at.  With gentle wisdom, deep empathy and compassion. 


Christian spiritual direction is the practice of helping another person or group to discover God and to respond to that discovery in a growing relationship of love, freedom, meaning and commitment. Michael will help you uncover the work of the Holy Spirit in your life so that you can understand and respond to God’s invitations to a deeper love relationship—one that enriches your freedom to follow the will of God and to live with a deeper sense of purpose and peace.


Michael provides coaching and soul care specifically tailored to unique needs of ministry leaders, pastors, and clergy.  With over 20 years of ministry experience in a variety of ministry settings, Michael’s experience, compassion, integrity, and insight make him a welcome companion for Church leaders and their spouse.

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Becoming Love for Faith Communities assists Church communities to dare to dream BIG dreams, help you re-imagine your Church community, inspire new vision and identify mission opportunities. To begin to build capacity we work to revitalize and co-create engaging a healthy Church community increasing participation and healthy, life-giving spiritual formation.  Led by the Spirit, we step outside the box and co-create fresh life-giving and sustainable vision that will genuinely excite and encouraged your community.

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