Dream a little Dream with Me

I have been asked, "Where are you coming from with IamSignificant.ca?  Is it self-help/ self-improvement? Or is it spiritual / faith stuff?  Grief/loss care?  What is it?"  I smile and say, "Yes, and more!"

I am coming from a place that mystic and monk Thomas Merton so aptly states - it's all spiritual, or none of it is!  Everything is holy now.

To cut to the chase, I am enamoured by the God-who-is-love.  Head over heels in love with a relational, self-giving God who is in all things and at the same time transcends all things.  An uncontrolling God who invites us, calls us, lures us, loves us, woo's us to co-create a world of self-giving, co-suffering love.  

My passion is to walk my own journey of becoming and to encourage and support others as they, too, journey towards the embodiment of love in all of life.  Jesus called this becoming a New Creation or, as the writer of 2 Peter wrote partakers of the divine nature or said yet in another way becoming Christ-like.

As we awakening to the amazing love of God, we are changed, and from the endless flow of divine love, we can love others and together co-create with God a beautiful world. This love is continually creating; attraction ---> greater complexity ---> deeper consciousness ---> more complex manifestation of love.  Love that Christifies the cosmos. A love that overcomes death — a love that heals human brokenness and makes all things new.

I am talking about the kind of love that contends without ever manipulating or keeping score.  It is patient and kind; it serves, tenaciously forgives, self-giving, always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres

I dream of new kinds of spiritual communities. I dream of seeing these become a sign and a wonder to those seeking and seeking again.  Radically inclusive communities.  Thoughtful communities of faith that embrace the best insights from both the sciences and good theology.  The healthy faith community's hallmark is how we love and care for one another - friend or enemy. I like the phrase "Faithful, forgiving friends." A faith community that recognizes Christ in all things, and as such, we are a part of something much bigger, a global community of creation intricately connected in a way that our intentions, actions and inactions matter. Jesus said they would know you are my people because of the way you love...".  

Nestled within this work is helping folks untangle from tribal, life-crushing shame-based religious ideas, practices and toxic expressions of church. To help them heal their hearts from the experiences of loss and (re)discover freedom, hope and peace all rooted in love. 

My dream with IamSignificant.ca is to cast a vision, dream-a-dream out loud and encourage deeper life through love.  Cheerleading, championing and walking alongside people in their journey of becoming love.  

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