Jesus Laughed

Faith can be a very serious matter,  but let's face it - some folks look like they have been baptized in prune juice!    Throughout history, faith has had profound impact both positively and negatively but is faith always so intense that it never smiles or laughs?

Throughout scripture we have a number of instances where God smiles, He laughs and rejoices!  This theme carries on with God's son, Jesus.  Sometime we can lose sight of this life giving reality and can get bogged down in the seriousness and the sad aspects of faith and life.  We forget that Christians have plenty to rejoice over and lots to laugh about and celebrate!
The follow presentation is a very short reflection on this idea of a happy, laughing God.  Take your time to reflect on the three scriptures which are presented.  Jesus came that we may have joy, joy in the fullest!  Now and in the world to come!

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