10 Powerful (But Simple) Ways to Experience Life

For many, a relationship with God is a powerful connection to real life.  Healthy spirituality can connect us in healthy ways to reality.  Healthy faith can help ground our entire lives.  It can take the ordinary and seemingly mundane things of life and fill them with significance.  Likewise, it can produce a sense of hope, purpose and perseverance during those difficult seasons of life.

The developing of any relationship is a combination of time, contact and effort.  The effort is not an issue of earning but the natural effort that goes into genuinely getting to know another; to be available to interact, to share and journey together.  While much talk has been given to “quality” time, quantity of time is important as well and what we begin to see is in even the seemingly mundane things there is a relationship developing. As we become aware this, these areas of seeming insignificance explode with meaning!

Here are 10 super simple ways to experience life in God every day.  Remember, great faith is not just HUGE heroic acts but living heroically in the regular, day-to-day moments.   Mother Teresa would say small things done with great love will change the world!

  1. Choose to love people instead of trying to impress them.
  2. Read and savor a poem, Psalm or listen to a favorite piece of music.
  3. Pray for a perfect stranger.
  4. Read a passage of scripture and resist the desire to dissect it – just enjoy it!
  5. Stop trying so hard. Love to the degree that you have grace for today not condemning yourself for the grace you don’t have.
  6. Sit and listen to the silence.
  7. Watch a sunset or something beautiful.
  8. Serve someone or a cause that you feel strongly about.
  9. Watch young children play.
  10. Create something – sing, write, dance, draw, paint, sculpt, cook, anything that you can express your creativity.

Bonus: Smile – Smile at people – in the grocery store, at the bank, on the street. A nice, warm smile to a complete stranger can work miracles.

There you have it - 10 super simple ways to experience life in God in everyday life.   Many through history have discovered as they adopt little practices of awareness or mindfulness of the presence of God around them in everyday life, they report experiencing a deeper, more vibrant faith, and experience life with greater peace and wonder.

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