Can you be Trusted?

One of the core foundations of effective leadership is trustworthiness. All around the world there are too many people who have lost confidence in their leaders to tell the truth and act with integrity in all situations. Sadly, many leaders forfeit their ability and right to lead effectively with their actions and words.

Do people generally trust you? It is not automatic just because you are the leader. Trust has to been earned and protected. If you are serious about being an effective leader then, avoid these trust busters.

Lying: If your team see you lying to others, then how will they ever know that you are not lying to them.

Gossiping, backstabbing and office politics involves using information and relationships to climb over others or damage their reputations to create alliances.

Manipulating occurs when we cross the line between influence and puppeteering.

Stealing occurs when we take what is not rightly ours.

Cheating to gain advantage in business may help you to win, but at what cost?

Not keeping promises is different to lying if the person genuinely believed that they could deliver when they made the promise, however, over time it erodes people's confidence in the leader. We should take careful stock of what we promise to others.

Disloyalty can be shown to leaders above us in the organisation or to those in our own teams.

Scapegoating.  Sometimes certain teams or individuals are blamed for a problem that wasn't totally their fault. Scapegoating gives people an easily identifiable target for their anger.

Cover ups.  Effective leaders take the responsibility for their team's performance and don't conceal the mistakes and shortcomings.

Dishonest deals may seem like great value at the time but usually will come to the surface sometime in the future.

What a list!

It sounds like the script from one episode of the soapie that my mother watches every day. Sadly, it's also the experience of a lot of people at work. Leaders who lack integrity may be successful in getting results, but will never earn the respect of their team and hence can never be truly effective.

Do members of your team trust you?

Steve Bagi is the principal of Actuate Consulting and a consulting psychologist and speaker who has over 25 years of experience in leadership and organizational development. He specializes in helping staff teams to understand and develop their strengths, leading to greater individual and team effectiveness. Although based in Australia, Steve works with leaders throughout the world.

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