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Lessons From a Burnout

Earlier this year I went hiking with my family in Waterton Lakes National Park.  The park was ravaged by a forest fire in 2017,  reducing a lovely time red, majestic landscape to a scorched wasteland.  It was a devastating sight.  Heart-breaking.
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I’m Burnt Out on Outrage

I was speaking with a friend today who was expressing indignation at a particularly twisted bit of theology.  It was one of those things one can only shake one's head, with mouth agape in wonderment, at such profound theological abuse. I found that in reading it, I had no energy to be outraged.  Yes, it…
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What is Burnout?

It was a season of a lot going on.  New projects, lots of pressure.  I was off balance in almost every area of my life.  Working 14 hour days, 7 days a week with no down time with constant demands from many different directions - it was a stressful season to say the least.   The…
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