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Fighting Fair Builds Healthy Marriages

Love may be blind, but Marriage is an eye opener! A classic one-liner but so true – Marriage can be tough!   Marriage is a wonderful medium for love to grow richer and deeper as it is tested in the realities of the day to day of life.  But in the day to day of…
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50 Shades of Love :: Marriages

The statistics have been reported in many places, and for many, about half of all marriages will fail. This is not another heavy for those who have been kicked around the Church because they’re divorced.  The reality is life happens, and I don’t believe for a moment anyone decides to get married intending they will…
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Surviving Betrayal

“It was like I couldn’t breathe. Like I was punched in the stomach and couldn’t get a breath” she said with hands clenching the arms of the chair while speaking of learning of her husband's affair. There are few people who have escaped the pain of betrayal. It is a terribly common experience but none…
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