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Shortly, you will receive more information via email that includes our Soul Care agreement. This outlines the how out Spiritual Direction relationship with function and the Code of Ethics for Spiritual Direction. 

How can you make the most of our time together?

To enhance the spiritual direction experience, folks are encouraged to prepare for sessions with prayer/meditation and by reflecting upon things they want to discuss, take notes or journal during or after the session on key points, follow up on things your director recommends, and to understand that spiritual growth takes time, effort, and patience. Also, consider taking full advantage of the many tools and resources available through

How do we meet?

Our time together can be:

  • In person (where possible)
  • Skype Video Chat (Requires a free software download and a broadband internet connection). We meet with many people using Skye! We
  • by telephone

The best option can be determined after booking.

How often do we meet?

It’s up to you! Depending on your individual needs we can meet as often as once a week or as seldom as once every few months. It is recommended that you meet with your spiritual director once a month to facilitate growth and progress, however, it is up to you and how you feel led. Spiritual direction can take place for just a few sessions or over many years.

Have to Cancel?
We understand life happens and if for some unavoidable reason you need to reschedule your appointment, please afford us the courtesy of  24 hours notice so that the time can be made available to others.