Love Wins (1 Cor. 13:8)

I am amazed how the perfect love of God works in and through His good creation but have been surprised at the reaction of some folks.  These sincere people get concerned that when we talk about love, it must be at the expense of truth.   They suspect love is different than truth as if the truth of God and the love of God are opposed.  Not at all!  The perfect love of God is inseparable from the truth of God.

I often hear folks talk about the need for a balance between love and truth, like 50-50.  I am not sure this dualism exists, rather I am more convinced, day by day, it is a matter of both / and.   It is love full of truth that makes love divine-love; potent enough to bring about authentic transformation; freedom, salvation, hope, joy, peace, etc.  It is love that carries truth into our hearts.

The healthiest response to the perfect love of God is to love in return - to turn from selfishness, violence, and power-plays and turn to our loving God who fuels and inspires authentic love in our own lives by simply living as we are loved. Together we cooperate in the steady work of the Spirit to fashion lives of love - loving God and loving others (read Christ-likeness).   Jesus said if you love me, you'll obey.  Obedience flows from the experience of divine love. Love changes our hearts, and it becomes a pleasure to obey instead of a religious obligation (which may inspire our conformity but never our hearts).

I understand the fear of sacrificing love for the sake of truth and vice versa.  I think it is because we, in general, have a very anemic understanding (experience) of love. Sentimentality, erotic or romantic, lustful, self-serving love with all it's strings, flakiness, hot and cold nature is what often passes for love in our culture today. If we only know love this way it is no wonder when someone comes talking of authentic love we are suspect.

I guess we are talking about a relationship with the person of love, the person of truth - Jesus.  It is in the person of Jesus we can hold truth and love together as one, just like we hold humanity and divinity together (fully God and fully human) in the person of Jesus.  It takes abstract ideas like love and truth and makes them concrete in the person of the Trinity.   It rescues love from the cultural graffiti and liberates truth from dead propositions.

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