45 Things to Live Well (20-25)

They say the best revenge is living well and while I don't advocate revenge, I do encourage people to live well, to live fully. This is another instalment of the 45 Things we can do to live well!     Living well, not being hung up on the petty things of life can help us live more free (plus it will irritate those who may wish for us to be as consumed with the pettiness as they are).  Small living loves company!

Stay out of other people’s drama and don’t get caught in the rumor mill.  Politics and relational drama can be a little like a whirlpool sucking everything within its reach down into the abyss.  These things tend to be very destructive, unproductive, an emotional drain and in the end - silly.  Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. - 2Tim. 2:23  Along the same lines, gossip will do the same thing.  Gossip is a terribly toxic element in any setting and poisons others against another and in the end, your own heart! "Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy; do you want junk like that in your belly?" Proverbs 26:22

Buy things with cash. Many of us learn this the hard way - cash is king.  This means that where ever possible it is good to buy what we need with money we own.   This takes some discipline to budget and be content to wait and save.  Use credit wisely for things which are not generally consumable like homes and cars.  Chances are, these items will outlast the number of payments! Use a credit card sparingly - interest will eat ya if you aren't careful and beware of the buy now pay later deals.  Not only are they loaded with high interest and service fees, the finance company banks on the overwhelming statistics that in 6 months or when the year time period is up - you won't have the cash to pay for it! In many cases, interest is accrued right back to the beginning of your purchase. "Valuables are safe in a wise person's home;  fools put it all out for yard sales."  Proverbs 21:20

Maintain your car, home, and other personal belongings you rely on.  It is less expensive to maintain what you own and keep it in good working order than to buy new ones. This also reduces stress.With proper maintenance you go a long way to avoid unexpected major repair expenses - who likes getting a $1200 repair bill just before Christmas or a vacation! "Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds;" Proverbs 27:23

Smile often, even to complete strangers. It will make people wonder what you are up to!  Kidding aside, being generous withEXPLORATION our sincere smiles has a very positive effect on us and the recipients.  Think about how good you feel when you are greeted by a sincere smile!  This practice also postures us towards gratitude and being positive, and we know the benefits of this!  "Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way." Colossians 3:17

If you hate doing it, stop it.  The reality is, there are times and situations in almost every aspect of life that are tough and unpleasant.  The key here however is to discern if this is a long-term, unchangeable situation or only temporary and you can do something about it.  If the former is the case and no changes can be made, and you hate it - there is no life in it - stop doing it.   Remember that God can use the tough things in our life to bring us into greater freedom.  It is usually a good idea to have some wise counsel from a friend, family or a trained professional. Please don't use this as a cop-out for laziness or a poor attitude looking for a quick way out!


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