Stumbling Steps of Journey

These few thoughts were shared with me by a good friend.  In these short statements he is sharing something quite profound around the idea of journey, of growth and becoming.  Read through the short list only dwelling on the statement(s) that stir you in some way.  


  • every step as transitory
  • every articulated goal as an incomplete sketch
  • all efforts as naturally needed exertion
  • most discoveries as recoveries
  • most recoveries as personal advancement toward maturity
  • confusion as mainstream as can be
  • the medium and message as symbiotically interacting
  • the medium and message as sharing the same obscure quality of morphing according to outside and inside forces
  • the medium and message as retaining the same essence while maturing into a higher form of incarnational reality

I totally have stumbled into EVERYTHING that have determinedly inspired change in my life. It’s only when the bicycle is cycling that one can change gears. Standing still does not engage the gears. Seeking is everything: findings will find me.

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