Potty Mouth Prayer

Is there a place for using a potty-mouth in prayer?  You know, profanity, swearing. In a moment of angst, and no other word will do, is it okay for followers of Jesus to let fly with the nasty four-letter words?



 Depends on the word?

As long as you conjugate them properly?

 What’s your take on DeMello’s short story below?

The Master held that no words were bad if they were used in an appropriate context. When he was told that one of his disciples was given to swearing, he remarked, “Profanity has been known to offer spiritual relief denied to prayer.”

- Anthony DeMello, One Minute Wisdom

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3 Responses

  1. It is never appropriate to use vile language in prayer or ever. I cannot at all imagine Jesus praying in that sordid manner. As followers of His magnificence and majesty we are indwelt by His sanctifying Spirit of holiness to facilitate with our praying properly as He did, that is, without the demeaning use of filthy language. Disgraceful language usage should be instantly and totally repented of. Our Kinsman Redeemer-Bridegroom King is our munificent example for excellence and exceptionalism, not insubordinate, irresponsible fallen flesh with its avaricious acceptance of appetite depraved.
    • Michael Rose
      Stephen, thanks so much for leaving a comment. I appreciate the esteem and the high view of moral holiness. I wonder what this looks like in the context of the incarnation - the idea that God meets us where we are at in the person of Jesus. I also wonder about authenticity, approaching the throne as we really are in the context of Jesus as our righteousness, not in our own.
  2. I think swearing can definitely be the most honest way of expression in a certain moment, but by no means acceptable. It’s tough because as a healthcare provider who no longer does mind numbing substances for relaxation, I tend to lean far too much on bad language and sugar as a means to cope. In the end, I don’t think God is sending us to hell for a couple of “f*cks” and “sh*ts”, but we’ll probably look back on these moments with incredible embarrassment for the crudeness and intense uncontrolled emotion they expose. Either way, interesting question to pose!

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