What does Love see? An Ode to failure

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single person contemplates it, bearing the image of a cathedral within.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Ode to failure: a life that hasn’t turned out the way one had hoped.

If we genuinely believe that nothing is wasted, that God is the ultimate recycler, working ALL things for our good, can we see our failure and disappointment through different eyes? Can we see the hidden cathedral deep within the rock pile?

What does love see?

Love sees a multiplicity of possibilities.
Love inspires creativity and innovation to navigate within the possibilities.
Love is the inspiration of perseverance and overcoming.
Love is the bedrock of courage
to get up and live again.

Failure, oh failure! Where is your sting! For failure is not fatal. Failure does not have the final say.

Let love wipe away the tears.
Love, the lifter of your chin.
Through the eyes of love, look again.
At the broken things, the rubble of mistakes, failures, and disappointments,
what do you see?

Love sees a cathedral
In you.

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