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Healthy Community is where we learn to be Community

The old joke says ‘Church would be awesome if it weren’t for the people’ and amidst a hearty chuckle, we sense a twinge of truth. Community is made of up human beings just like you and me - doing the best we can with what we have.  They are places where imperfect people, those of…
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The Heart of Good Gifts

One of the things I really enjoy is getting together with other folks who are on the journey.   I am astounded at how the central themes are all the same but the expression of those themes through individual lives is marvelously varied and unique.  It reminds me that the God we serve is infinitely…
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Life from Conflict

We co-hosted a weekend gathering in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada.   It was an opportunity for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives to share the journey of faith they are experiencing; the good, the bad and the ugly.  For my wife and I this was an exceptional weekend, we enjoyed ourselves…
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