The Glory of God is people who are fully alive.

- Irenaeus

Our mission is to inspire, encourage and resource people towards a greater experience and practice of love. Towards discovering their deepest self and learning to recognize and respond to the invitations of the Spirit in all of life in ways that inspire joy, peace, healthy relationships, and a sense of purpose. 

Head or Heart?  You don't have to choose.


Whether you find yourself in the middle of deconstruction or reconstruction, inside or outside a religious institution or not sure where you are, our spacious approach to spirituality is thoughtful, inclusive and love-centered.


I am passionate about helping folks just like you discover and live into an awareness of the abiding, loving presence of God in all of life. Coming alongside as you learn to recognize the sacred within all of life and to respond to the invitations of Spirit to co-create a life chock-full of meaning and significance.



Meet Michael

With 30 years of experience providing spiritual care and support to countless individuals and groups, Michael is passionate about helping folks connect with the God-who-loves in healthy, thoughtful, and life-giving ways; helping them to experience this love in personally transforming ways.
 A thoughtful mystic, an accidental activist, and soul friend to many, Michael helps people connect to life in more profound ways,  by assisting them towards greater wholeness and deeper living; to discover purpose, create meaning, and recognize and respond to the sacred in all of life.  

Michael holds a Master's Degree in Ministry from St. Stephen’s University  - Spiritual Formation.  He has authored “Becoming Love: Avoiding Common Forms of Christian Insanity" along with hundreds of faith-inspired articles, many of which have been published and referenced by various blogs, leadership, and spiritual care websites. 

Michael serves:

  • as an experienced Spiritual Director
  • as a trained and experienced Grief & Loss Specialist
  • as a retreat leader, educator, and conference speaker
  • as an Open & Relational theologian
  • as a student of Teilhardian spirituality
  • as a founder of a relational faith community in Taber, Alberta
  • a founder of Mosaic Ministries, Calgary
  • Spiritual Care Hospital Chaplain (retired Jan 2021)
  • Associate Member of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care and follows the CASC Code of Ethics.