Life-giving spirituality is rooted in the transcendent, that which is much bigger than us – and yet, at the same time, it resides and flows through each one of us.


However you have come to know and experience "it",  the universal, creative and sustaining energy is that of perfect love.  The God-who-loves invites us into a relationship; to experience and to learn to be loved and in turn to love.  This is a key principle of healthy, life-giving spirituality.



I am passionate about helping folks just like you discover and live into an awareness of the abiding, loving presence of God in all of life. Coming alongside as you learn to recognize the sacred within all of life and to respond to the invitations of Spirit to co-create a life chock-full of meaning and significance.


I Serve:

  • Those who are on a spiritual journey, who intuitively know there is so much more to life than what they are currently experiencing.
  • Those who desire a deeper experience of life, prayer, purpose, and those who seek to discern and respond to the invitations of the Spirit.
  • Those who have experienced loss - a loved one who has died, a significant romantic relationship, career change, change in health and other significant relationships.
  • Those looking to find or rediscover passion.
  • Those who are burnt-out on Church or have been Spiritually abused.
  • Those who describe themselves as AgnosticSpiritual but not Religious as well as Catholic and Protestant Christians.


Learning to Live Loved

The Good News is REALLY Good News!

IamSignificant.ca journeys with you to help you discover and create meaning that permeates and unites all aspects of life. Living loved is a promise for everyone.

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