Grief & Loss: Healing Your Heart


Care for the broken hearted

Has your life been impacted by

... a death, divorce, job loss, a health crisis or a romantic break up?  Or perhaps you're experiencing heartache caused by any of the many other kinds of loss.  Regardless, the pain from experiencing a significant loss can be life-altering.

Well-meaning people...

Have you ever heard the expression "Friendly Fire?"  Sometimes well-meaning people, often those closest to us, say things that are unhelpful and hurtful in an attempt to be supportive. I bet you've heard  “you have to just let go” and “move on,” but these well-meaning people have no idea of exactly how you are supposed to do so.

Myths that Don't Help!

Many have never been taught how to navigate the grief they experience from loss, nor how to heal their emotional pain. Culturally, we have been taught to avoid the pain with a variety cliche's - but they don't help.  Perhaps you've heard:

  • Time heals all wounds
  • Get over it and move on
  • You have to be strong
  • Replace the loss
  • Keep busy

These approaches only serve to distract us temporarily, leaving us feeling like we have to pretend we're okay, feeling isolated, and having still not dealt with the pain.

Loss Takes its Toll

Experts tell us that grief from loss is cumulative.  It keeps building with each significant loss.  The pain of loss can be experienced in a variety of ways.  You might experience general exhaustion (mental and physical), feeling numb and lonely.  You may experience difficulties concentrating, changes in eating and sleeping habits, or feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster.

The good news is that there is a way through.  There is a way that you can journey through the pain of loss.   It’s never too soon or too late to begin your journey of healing your heart.

Grief Support with Michael

Michael meets you where you’re at with is a heart-centred and action-based approach that will help you take the steps to heal your heart. Michael can support you from a trained, experienced and if you wish, a spacious spiritual perspective as you address the losses you have experienced from a death, divorce, changes in health, or any of the many different kinds of losses that can result in the feelings of grief.

Together we create a safe space for you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the nature of grief, and the kinds of loss that create feelings of grief.
  • Understand the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual effects of grief
  • Help you cultivate healthy, robust grieving and coping skills
  • Uncover beliefs that may inhibit your recovery from loss
  • Provide you with the opportunity to express and give voice to your emotional truth regarding your loss in a setting that is free from judgment, analysis or criticism
  • Identify the losses that may need to be emotionally completed
  • Nurture a deeper sense of self-awareness and awareness of your relationships
  • Identify those behaviours that are not helpful towards healing
  • Take an empowered new role in your healing and for your life
  • Take the steps necessary to emotionally complete a relationship with a person who has died, a person whom you are now divorced, or other circumstances
  • Be equipped with practical strategies to complete other losses you have experienced
  • Re-energize your life with a fresh sense of hope and vitality


One on One Grief Recovery

Grief is unique and individual, and Grief Support with Michael can provide you with a personalized experience in a confidential, compassionate and safe space to explore and address your loss experience, at your own pace.  You will be attentively and compassionately accompanied by Michael Rose as you work toward the completion of the emotional pain and healing your heart.


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