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Loss has many faces

Grief is often associated with the physical death of someone we care about.  While grief certainly is experienced when we lose someone we love, there are many different kinds of loss that might cause us to experience grief. Grief is the natural and normal emotional response to loss of any kind.   It is conflicting feelings…
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Thorns of Life

I came across this story while listening to the audiobook version of The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  It struck me so profoundly I spent the next few kilometers repeating the stunned mantra of “oh wow... oh wow...”.   I was so moved that I wanted to retell in my own words to reduce the…
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Games we play to Avoid Dealing with Emotional Pain

I’m a little Tea Pot... when I get all steamed -up hear me shout!  A familiar nursery rhyme but what an interesting allegory when we are talking about heart-wounds, stress and emotional pain.  Picture yourself as a tea-pot (or kettle). Add some water, some heat, and when water boils, steam (energy) is released through the…
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