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3 Lies That Keep Us Running: Chronic Busyness

Talk to almost anyone these days, ask how they're doing and one of the first couple of words will be: busy!  Daily life in North America is lived at a blinding pace and being chronically busy seems to be the norm.  However many are desiring to take a big step off the "busy" treadmill to take…
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What Motivates Us?

Daniel Pink was voted one of the top 50 influential business thinkers in the world in 2011 and his book Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us capitalizes on 50 years of behavioral science to reveal some surprising insight as to what indeed actually motivates us. For straightforward, mechanical tasks, a financial reward is…
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Character of a Leader

Working with leaders in different spheres, we see time and again that much of the popular thinking of leadership falls short.  While working a particular model or strategy for leadership, or being very knowledgeable in a particular area may go a long way to making a good company or a good executive, there is something…
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