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Relationship as a Value Proposition

Many of us in our respective businesses are well aware of our competition.  We may have similar products and services which serve the same function or meet the same need.  We may even utilize similar equipment and technology to do so.  So the challenge is how can we create an edge in the minds of…
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The Double Bottom Line – Meaningful Profits

Ted Leonsis has reached the top of the proverbial success heap.  With a very impressive resume’, Leonsis, a billionaire has devoted himself to not only financial success but life success. Leonsis worked 15 years with AOL earning himself the position of Vice Chairman and President.  He founded Monumental Sports and Entertainment which manages three top…
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Cultivating Healthy Business Relationships

Andrea owns and operates an online retail store.  A significant part of her value proposition, that which brings value to her customers and distinguishes her from other online retailers, is a commitment to relational retailing. The challenge many critics of e-commerce have is the impersonal aspect; cold and mechanical but Andrea through careful planning has…
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