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In the Light of Common Grace

As a couple who try our best to live and make everyday decisions according to a personal life rule to live simply and tread lightly upon the earth, my wife and I don’t often do a lot of shopping for things that aren’t necessities. When we do shop however, we prefer to avoid the hustle…
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Motivating Employees with Meaning

Motivating employees can be a challenge!  Whether they receive a pay cheque or volunteer, it is important to help your team understand why what they do is important or meaningful.  This sense of meaning can go a long way to increasing productivity, improve employee/volunteer retention and loyalty. Adam Grant, a Wharton management professor, demonstrates this…
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Faith of the Everyday

  Once upon a time, there were two carpenters; framers to be precise. Each day they would arrive at the building site to pound nails, erect walls. The first, a glum man, was asked what he was doing. “I hammer nails,” he replied, looking sour. “Every day, hammer nails and more nails. Day in, day…
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