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Transforming Power of Love:: 1 John 4

Ever feel worn out by trying to be a good Christian?  Do you find that you spend most of your time hating your sin, trying to manage it and never quite getting free?   Bouncing off 1 John 4, Michael explores the implications of living loved and in love by God. How by living love…
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Oh Blessed Vice

It is true that God can use all things for our good - even our sin and brokenness. St. Augustine would call sin his blessed vice because he knew his sin would drive him back to the foot of the cross - relieving him from the heavy burden of it.  This is the beauty and…
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A Humbling Homily

Humility is one of those things in life I have always struggled with.  It is considered a pillar of Christianity, and an attribute we should demonstrate regularly as Jesus’ coheirs, who supposedly bear his image to the world.  Any sincere Christian who has read the gospels can see that, in light of the self-righteous Pharisees,…
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