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The Hard Work of Christian Unity

[A guest post by Dr Steve Crosby - http://stevecrosby.org] There’s an old saying that if we ever saw sausage being made, we would never eat sausage! Saying you favor Christian unity is like saying you love sausage.  Anyone can wax eloquent about the philosophical virtues of ideal sausage. The question is, do you have the stomach for…
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Random Thoughts: Community

A random snippet reflecting on Ephesians 2 and Galatian 3 as it pertains to Unity and Kingdom Community. How in Christ, we are one. The basis of our Kingdom membership is Christ alone and as God forms community on this basis, communities who live love, we become a sign and wonder of the Kingdom of…
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Untangling Unity

Early in October I had a wonderful experience with a number of  folks in North Carolina.  It was marvelous for several reasons, the people were delightful in their own ways with their own expressions of the Kingdom and the Gospel story.  There were folks from Australia, Germany, the UK, Canada and from many of the…
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