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Vulnerability – Art of Showing Up

They started their presentation with a 10-minute litany of why they are “f’'d up,” and this led into a conversation about vulnerability.  Their attempt to connect with us with pseudo vulnerability was less connecting, and more ‘this person could really benefit from some therapy.”  I think vulnerability is often misunderstood.   For lots of folks, vulnerability…
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Prelude to Deeper Life: Vulnerability

From my personal blog: LivingLoved-blog.com I find myself continuing to reflect on vulnerability.  Earlier this week I asked some friends for their thoughts about what vulnerability is and these are a few of their responses: leaving your emotional/physical/mental well being open to growth as well as pain Dropping your protective walls… leaving oneself open to…
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Deeper Life: Vulnerability

It is true of most human beings - to be loved, to be accepted as they are, and yet nothing is as elusive.   To be loved and accepted to the degree requires vulnerability and any one who has risked beyond the superficiality of the masks we use to conceal our true selves knows it can…
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