Free Indeed

In this audio reflection, Michael leads us through some thoughts on John 8:33-46.  Jesus is speaking about freedom and the fact that His words are truth and bring freedom.  Jesus contrasts this with sin and lies which bring slavery.  Often times we believe lies about ourselves or a situation, and these lies (that may have a hint of truth) take on a toxic life of their own that in a sense ensnare us and keep us from living in the freedom we actually have in Christ.   Meditating upon this scripture, you are invited to allow the Holy Spirit to expose a lie that perhaps you believe, and through grace, experience a truth encounter freeing you from the lie and releasing you into freedom in the truth!

Jesus said He is the Way, Truth and Life - take this opportunity in the safety of the Fathers perfect love to experience truth in the person of Jesus.


music credit: Benediction by Andre' LeFebvre,

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