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The Longing for Deeper Freedom

So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. - John 8:36 It is a universal cry of the human heart.  The cry 'freedom' has resonated through the long halls of history and just as in day's past. This longing resonates just as loudly today.  Of course, freedom has many contexts including…
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3 Lies That Keep Us Running: Chronic Busyness

Talk to almost anyone these days, ask how they're doing and one of the first couple of words will be the word busy!  Daily life in North America is lived at a blinding pace and being chronically busy seems to be the norm.  However many are desiring to take a big step off the "busy"…
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Patient Trusting – A Reflection

Trusting the hand of God to lead us, direct us and complete us can sound pretty spiritual and pretty pious. However, anyone who is in transition can attest these can be very lonely, confusing and often frustrating times.  At times, we wonder if we will ever break through, give birth to this new thing God…
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