Helplessness of God’s Love

“What does the helplessness of God’s love mean for us?

Simply, that divinity is no longer a power over us but now within us. God’s love becomes the human power to love, and this power to love, welling up from within, can face all obstacles, including the fear of death, because one no longer fears the brutality of humanity or the darkness of uncertainty.

Faith in the power of God’s love is faith in the future fullness of life. Those who remain steadfast in faith, can see a dim light shining through the dark clouds of human chaos. They are awakened to the presence of God and feel the divine heart beating amidst the ruins of power and destruction.

This beating heart of divine love enkindles in them the will to live, not merely survive, but to be victorious over all human powers that aim to destroy. This meeting of God, in the face of death, is Resurrection.”

- Ilia Delio’s Newsletter. Centre for Christogenesis. April 2022


Image by Alexas Fotos,

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