Kissed by The Rose’s – Interview: Michael and Andrea Rose

Michael is back from an amazing gathering in Texas.  This gathering saw folks from all over the United States gather to explore the God-who-loves in practical and soul-inspiring ways.  While there, Andrea and Michael sat down with Steve and Bryon from Bros. in a Basement Podcast.

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  1. Can certainly relate to so much of this. After growing up Catholic, my sense was that God the Father was a world away, God the Son was an historical figure, and God the Spirit was a ghost. I was in my early 30s when I first experienced what you have so aptly called, “the divine kiss”. In that moment, God came out of heaven, Jesus came out of history, and His Spirit burst to life within me. In regard to your thoughts on love, some years ago I felt like the Lord said that the “ultimate act of faith was to love with abandon”. To love with no expectation of being loved in return, and without guarding yourself against being hurt. God bless you guys.
    • Michael Rose
      So good! Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it

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