Sun behind all suns – Prayer

Sun behind all suns, Soul behind all souls, .....

Show to us in everything we touch and in everyone we meet the continued assurance of Your presence 'round us:

lest ever we should think you are absent.

In all created things You are there.

In every friend we have the sunshine of Your presence is shown forth.

In every enemy that seems to cross our path, You are there within the cloud to challenge us to love.

Show to us the glory in the grey.  Awake for us to Your presence in the very storm till all our joys are seen as You and all our trivial tasks emerge as priestly sacraments in the universal temple of Thy love.

by George MacLeod (1895-1991) Founder of the modern day Iona community in Scotland.

This prayer is an invitation and a Yes to discovering the reality of God's presence in and through all things.  A gentle nudge to wake up, and to look for God at work in and through and around us.

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