Being More or Doing More?

The wrestle with the dichotomy of being and doing comes from the emptiness that often accompanies doing religious things out of religious obligation. The idea that we have to do things for God for love, acceptance, duty, forgiveness. For many Christians this thinking sets us up for spiritual burnout. Many pastors burn out because they are so busy trying to do things for God instead of entering into what God is doing. God invites us into the place where we can co-labour and the only requisite is simply relationship!

Many fall into the trap of trying to emulate the actions of other great leaders but fail to grasp that what made their actions truly great was the quality of their being - their actions naturally flowed, or the natural fruit of their relationship with God. When we position ourselves, keeping first things first, we enter into a dynamic of an easy yoke and a light burden! It is in this place we focus on the quality of relationship with God, and quite naturally we get the action of the highest quality!

Reflecting on the Latin term: Magis (greater, best) is an important term in the Ignatian expression of Christian life. Paul Coutinho asks whether it means doing more or being more. Those who are used up, burnt out or frustrated in ministry, it is worth a watch.

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