Resources for the Spiritual Leader

The demands on today’s Pastors and ministry leaders is tremendous! Pressures and challenges which are unique to vocational ministry. Budgetary demands, church growth pressures, pastoral care, Boards, endless meetings, burn out, our families and politics take it’s toll every day as hundreds of churches close under this weight. To add to this, there are significant shifts in Western Christianity which are demanding more creative approaches to being and doing church, engaging people who are plugged in 24/7, busier than ever and suspect of institutional Christianity. is a place for nurture and soul care for those who find themselves on the front lines of vocational ministry, the demands of church growth, budgets and growing healthy vibrant communities of faith. Learn tips for healthy leadership, balancing family and ministry demands, conflict resolution and resources to deal with burn out from people who have significant first-hand experience leading churches and ministries.


Also, you will discover resources to assist you in dreaming and visioning together as a community and how to implement that vision in a way which honors each person’s unique gifts and calling. Develop ministry strategy consistent with group strengths and address weaknesses - especially relational issues in healthy, biblical ways.

Resources and Mentoring to equip leaders for healthy, relational Churches:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Growing Leaders
  • Team Development
  • Pastoral Care Resources
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Systems
  • Care for Caregivers
  • Sustainable Outreach and Mission
  • Teaching Resources - Instructors and Conference Speakers
  • Burnout Prevention & Recover

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