The Present Presence of God

Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us and this is such a powerful promise and one central to the incarnational nature of the Christian faith.  We are exhorted and encouraged with the promise of Christ in us, the hope of glory and yet so many of us live like we are all alone.  How many of our prayers ask God to come, to show up and how many of our worship songs call out in desperation to a God who seems painfully absent?   This is a real sense that many of us on the Christian journey experience.  In this edition of Rhythms of the Heart Michael shares with us the "I am's" of the Gospel of John and how a shift in our perception may just reveal the present presence of God, alive and well in your life!

Michael shares about being present in the present moment by sharing from scripture how God too is in the present with us. Not confined by time but in it none the less.


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