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Meet Michael Rose, the founder and Director of  In this short video Michael introduces at it's very foundations- Heart.  Michael gives a brief overview of the resources available with and also explains Christian Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction for cultivating more, vibrant meaningful lives.  Get a fuller picture of the heart that infuses and is making lasting, positive difference in peoples lives!


Welcome to :: Our Heart from Michael Rose on Vimeo.

At, our passion is to encourage and facilitate real, everyday people in living loved, with the growing awareness of the abiding, loving presence of God in all of life. Likewise, we are passionate to explore, equip and encourage individuals and communities to practically live this love in real, everyday life; with God, ourselves and with others.

Through Spiritual Life Coachingretreats, and an expanding online toolbox of faith inspired resources, we are dedicated to helping people just like you to cultivate your own vibrant relationshipClose-up portrait of a mature couple smiling. with God and experience a deep sense of peace and freedom in real, everyday life. Our specialized resources can help you to experience the divine affection of Father in all areas of life including relationships, faith, family, business and with yourself. In addition, our resources can help you find the kind of success that will bring fulfillment on the deepest levels.

If you are looking to find Success with Significance; meaning that permeates and unites all aspects of life, is a great first step in that direction.



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