Compassion: Genius in the Art of Living

The term "compassion" often evokes visions of pity or an infomercial showing impoverished children around the world.  It seems the fullness of compassion in real, everyday life is often overshadowed by the noise of cultural greed and violence.  Recent world events like the Japanese earthquake / tsunami and the resulting outpouring of support and prayers illustrates that perhaps compassion is still very much alive and well.  In this video, journalist Krista Tippett explores the meaning of compassion through several moving stories, and breaths new life into an underestimated force for wholeness.

  • What stood out to you in this video?
  • Have your ideas about compassion changed?
  • What do you think of the phrase "Compassion is a Spiritual technology"?
  • Do you agree the change occurs within us first?

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