Grace for Change

Looking to make some changes in your life?  Many of us are in one way or another.   All changes are a series of small choices and actions in the direction of the change you wish to make.  Sometimes we under estimate the value these small changes and by doing so, we get sidetracked and discouraged.  Let's not forget that a course change of only one degree can have tremendous effect over the span of a long journey!

I have found grace for change for the seeming small things, the individual steps, choices and actions is indispensable as the culmination of the small things contribute to the realization of our goal.  It is important to understand our goals, be clear in them and at the same time not allow them to obscure the necessary steps to achieve them.

As Peter Favre, a Jesuit who lived in the 1500’s wrote:

Seek grace for the smallest things, and you will also find grace to accomplish, to believe in, and to hope for the greatest things. Attend to the smallest things, examine them, think about putting them into effect, and the Lord will grant you greater. Many seek anxiously for grace to perform good works of a more general kind while neglecting in the meantime particular tasks for which it would have been easy to find grace.

Favre understood that grace is needed in the small things just as much as in the larger things.   He reminds us not to neglect the small or seeming insignificant things because these are the means by which we attain the great!

Grace For Change

1) All great journey's begin with the first step! Deciding and taking the first step towards your goal is the first best step! Often stepping out towards a goal / dream or life change can be daunting. Grace can give us the courage to make the first step!

2) Consider the steps required to reach your goal and focus and deliberately step out in that direction.  Grace can be in the form of wisdom to help us discern the right steps and the right order of those steps.

3) Simple steps don't mean insignificant.  Each step toward your goal is a step in the right direction.

4) When you misstep, regroup, re-focus and take a deliberate step towards your goal even if this means retracing your steps. Grace in the form of learning helps us turn our mistakes into opportunities.  Grace in the form of mercy releases us from guilt, shame and anger of making a mistake. Grace picks us up, dusts us off and get us back on track.

5) Ask for Grace to make the small steps / choices.  A personal, creator God is interested and available for you as much in the small steps towards a healthy goal as the healthy goal itself!  Grace is available, is free for all - ask and watch!

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