An obstacle to Deeper Living

As I often write and my friends and clients are all too familiar, I am a huge fan of becoming, journey type of language.  The key here is we don’t ever arrive and each present moment opens to a new present moment, hopefully with each adding a little more light, a little more understanding of ourselves, God and the world we live and this affects the way we live.  This is an integral part of what it is to be human - discovering, learning, practicing, and maturing towards greater love.

As such, the posture is quite naturally a growing humility.   As the realization that we don’t arrive.  That all revelation and insight works its way through our life - sometimes quickly, often times over a lifetime.   Lessons that we thought we learned, the wisdom we thought we incorporated years ago seem to present themselves afresh, and under sober reflection, we discover we are learning the same kind of lesson but at a different place, perhaps a deeper level than before.

Understand that wisdom, deep wisdom is not just a bunch of great quotes we read in a book or a glimpse or insight - no matter how brilliant it might be.   Wisdom is not a possession.   The deeper life is not something we acquire like hockey trading cards.   Wisdom is a lived into experience.

This is important because we can confuse information with wisdom. It’s not uncommon to acquire information but have little experience of it.   It remains contained within the theoretical, abstract realm of thought never being lived into. In this abstract form, these ideas are just ideas, not impacting reality in any substantive way.  Please don’t misunderstand me, we all start somewhere and even if we are living into just a little bit of this, this is still a huge step in the right direction.

The problem is that often the biggest obstacle to living the deeper life is thinking you already are and that you’ve arrived.  This puts us in a place where we can’t learn anything new and our maturity is stunted. We judge others based upon where we think we are and decide who is worthy to be learned from. 

Looks can be deceiving - the most profound voices I have come across on The Way have been those I have tripped over.  These are often easy to over look people because they don’t have the need to be heard, to be the centre of attention or to puke their notebook of accumulated heavy revy’s (‘god told me...’) all over you.   They are often quite content to sit there and listen to others and are often unassuming.

I have found that the old adage that still waters run deep is key.  For me, I am aware that I can learn from just about anyone, And I tend to pay special attention to the quiet ones.   The reason is simple, in general, the quiet, unassuming ones tend to have the best stuff to share and are often genuinely living into it.  It is not done with lots of words, flash or hype - simple and unassuming.

This doesn’t mean the effusive individuals don’t have anything good to say, it just often harder to discern and extract because of the sheer volume of verbiage and clingy, sterile theory and soul noise.  This often looks like a need to be heard, attempts to fix, black or white absolutes, and subtle and not so subtle attempts to make it about themselves.  Deeper presence with its surrender, unknowing knowing and silence can be a real challenge for us all as we go deeper because it is so toxic to our egoic needs - especially those we deny having (LOL).

Regardless of where we are in our individual walk into deeper living lets remember that we probably never arrive this side of glory.  That we live into the deeper life, and if we use it to measure ourselves or others, its a pretty good indication we are just beginning.  That being said, keep going!  The journey is one-step at a time, in an often loopy and non-linear way. 

Be kind to yourself.

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