Watch out!” Jesus warned them. “Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”

- Mt. 16:6 TLB

Be-A-ware of elevating our traditions and bias’(hate, fear) above the Beautiful Way of radical, self-giving, self-emptying, inclusive love.

Be-A-ware of the hype, hip-ness, and appearance of genuine concern for the poor, the foreigner, the outcast BUT selectively - the ‘right kind of other.'

Be-A-ware of making marginalized people mere tokens, who are paraded on platforms but do not get to meaningfully share in the life of the community (including leadership & steward the power).

Be-A-ware of pitting one group of marginalized people against another group of marginalized people. It is the Church, not the Hunger Games.

Be-A-ware of sacrificing the defenceless and voiceless in the name of keeping the temple machinery running. For the blood of the saints is often used to grease the wheels of Big Box religion.

Be-A-ware of maintaining a pseudo-unity of the club at the expense of the marginalized, at the expense of love and justice. This pseudo-unity will cannibalize genuine unity.

Be-A-ware of Setting up / maintaining, spiritualizing and dogmatizing artificial barriers to exclude certain kinds of people in the name of God.

Be-A-ware of cowardice and self-interest masquerading as wisdom.

[Be-A-ware is a short piece I wrote because I find many well-meaning people of faith are not necessarily malicious as much as they may not be aware, or awake.  An anemic worldview, liberally seasoned with ignorance and fear, and the need for a scapegoat (enemy) makes us think we are faithful but perpetuating a “un”-Good News.]


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