Be Still

One of the things I hear most often from many folks is the chronic busyness of life.   They are bombarded from all directions, all day so it seems to many.    This driven pace is often a reflection of one's inner life - their thoughts and emotions, and as such it is often difficult to find the time to allow ourselves to be quiet and still.  Taking the opportunity to be quiet allows us to reset - to take a breath and look a little deeper at our day to day, within ourselves and what God may be doing in and saying to us.  While we can most certainly walk with God in every moment of every day, it is important to cultivate those more intimate times where our attention is not divided and we can reflect upon what's happening inside us - our inner life.

This 3.5 minute video may be a good start for you!  Based upon Psalm 46, you are invited to be still and know God.  The Psalmist invites us deeper, to a place of refuge in God even amidst the storms and frenetic pace of life.



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