Hope on the Line

I hung hope out with the laundry, clothes-pinned tenderly beside a pillowcase, a tea towel, two sheets and some socks. I could tell she needed air, a sweet puff of wind. She needed to get warm again basking in the sun.  
After a few hours, I came out with my basket and took her down. We both felt refreshed.   She said, "Please don't put me back in the drawer with the sheets. Spread me on your table. Let your guests spill their wine and crumbs of bread upon me. Wash me gently, put me back in the sun.   Lay me across your bed, so I may keep you warm at night. Or put me on the children's bed, that I might comfort their dreams.   Whatever you do," she said, "include me, involve me in your living. It is the only way that I can live."

The hope of our faith not only enlightens our future but energizes our present.  Hope inspires and carries us through the difficult things in life.  However, hope brings a deeper quality of life in every moment.

  • How do you relate to hope?  Only pull it out in times of trial and stress?
  • What do you hope for?  Deep down, in your heart, what calls out in hope?
  • How does this hope impact your day to day living?
source: Unknown.  A story I heard from someone re-telling a story. Thanks to Philip Chircop.



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