Creative, Innovative Solutions are NOT a Brand

Branding. This one concept can have the GREATEST impact on your business, but is often tragically overlooked. The term itself is thrown around but is misunderstood and rarely is its value realized and its potential realized in business.

Effective branding communicates meaning, value proposition of your business, service, product, person or logo. A brand connects your clients to your business via personal identification by way of emotion, intuition or thought. You in effect craft what consumers believe to be true qualities of your company. It encapsulates a holistic presentation which integrates not only what you verbally tell your customers about your business but the non-verbal such as how your team of employees communicates with each other and your customers – think WestJet. It is also strengthened by such things as the clothing worn by and the personality of your team members. There are many ways a business can stand out and cultivate their brand.

When business owners are building their business the emphasis is usually on the tangible; goods and services. If you are lucky you get business early on; you're new and exciting. Effective branding can help you to attract more customers and retain the customers you already have with a fraction of the resources of non-branded ventures. Your brand is an investment in your company that will help you be remembered and provide positive return. I help my clients develop their brand so they know how to communicate effectively, realize greater impact from their marketing efforts, control their spending - work smarter not harder.

A well-conceived and developed brand will add value to your customer's experience even before they engage in the purchasing experience. For example, most moms can immediately tell you who the best dentist for young children is. You may automatically know which companies support the arts. Your brand will help you be remembered. Branding can help sell your goods and services in more ways than one and will help you recruit talented employees.

How you create a brand identity:

  • Your brand should differentiate your business from others. If you are selling the same goods and service as everyone else, what is it you do better or differently that provides value?
  • What need or benefit are you fulfilling?
  • Re-visit your Mission Statement. Your Mission Statement should direct your business endeavours, does it?
  • Develop a tag line that specifically tells customers how or why you are different.
    “Creative”, “Innovative” and “Solutions” are words that should NEVER be included in a tag line or mission statement. These words are over used and I'd wager that you don't know your brand.
  • Seek the services of a proven professional who can guide you through the process of brand cultivation helping you find your unique value proposition and help you effectively position yourself in the market place.
  • Ultimately your brand should start with how you want your customers and employees to perceive your business. If you are unsure, ask your customers or seek professional advice. Remember you are investing in your company's future!


Niki Remesz has been a marketing and advertising consultant for over 15 years. With an analytical mind she helps businesses re-think their marketing practices using common sense and industry backed solutions for success. Niki Remesz Marketing & Consulting

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